Features Heading0% Visible.

HearLens lives in the second bend of the ear for complete invisibility and enhanced audibility

Leverages proprietary digital modeling and advanced microchip packaging techniques to minimize overall size

Placement in the second bend of ear canal combined with venting reduces occlusion issues

Takes advantage of audio cues from the pinna for natural sound quality

Superior Technology.

Includes Industry-leading Strategic Feedback Control

SpeechTrax noise reduction and speech preservation system utilizes dynamic voice identification coupled with a special noise control that calculates appropriate gain on a per channel basis providing unprecedented sound quality

Includes 16 channels and 16 bands for optional high-resolution sound imaging

T² Remote function allows patients to adjust volume and memories using a standard touch-tone phone

Comfortable fittings make

Uses MicroTech’s proprietary Comfort Fit Process which leverages information captured from millions of ears

Can be inserted and removed by patient to promote better ear health

Enables more patients to benefit from a deep insertion device than ever before

Wide fitting range

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