Axio ST

Axio ST


Axio™ ST powered by Impulse™ Technology, MicroTech’s open architecture, integrated circuit platform, addresses patients’ most common complaints about their hearing aids.

  • SpeechTrax

    SpeechTrax uses a two-part algorithm – dynamic voice identification paired with a spectral noise control that calculates appropriate gain on a per channel basis. The result is unprecedented sound quality, ease of listening and intelligibility of speech in noise. SpeechTrax is the only technology proven to preserve speech understanding in noise – classifying inputs every six milliseconds and adapting every 20 milliseconds, to diminish noise between syllables. This translates into reduced listening effort and mental fatigue for patients.

  • Strategic Feedback Control

    The company that defined feedback cancellation redefined it with our patent-pending Strategic Feedback Control. With broad bandwidth, faster processing and intelligent artifact elimination, this next generation in feedback cancellation is setting standards that have never existed before. Through the use of intelligent artifact elimination, even the most complex signals won’t cause distortion in this class-leading feedback canceller.

  • Live Real Ear Measurement

    Now, Live Real Ear Measurement takes fitting patients to the next level. With this system and the power of Inspire® fitting software, hearing care professionals can watch the hearing aid output in a patient’s ear, live in real-ear SPL, while the system evaluates the hearing aid response and matches to your selected target – providing you with the most precise fitting information available.

  • Live Speech Mapping

    Live Speech Mapping verifies the hearing aid’s processing of speech, or any live acoustic input, in real time. The 3D display engages your patients and their families in the fitting process.

  • T2 Remote

    T² Remote allows your patients to adjust volume or switch memories on their hearing aids using their phones, avoiding the need to carry additional hardware.

  • Automatic Telephone Solutions (ATS)

    ATS automatically detects telephone use and adjusts to the optimal acoustic frequency response for telephone listening.

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