Comfortable fittings make

Uses MicroTech’s proprietary Comfort Fit Process which leverages information captured from millions of ears. Can be inserted and removed by patient to promote better ear health. Enables more patients to benefit from a deep insertion device than ever before.

Wide fitting range

New Technology
• Introduction to Axio™ ST
• Introduction to HearLens.™ The only Invisible-In-The-Canal (IIC).
• Introduction to the most powerful mini BTE

Data collected from over 40 hearing-impaired research participants have demonstrated the benefits
of SpeechTrax and the Axio ST hearing aids. Professionals fitting an Axio ST
instrument patients experience improved comfort and ease of listening in noise without
sacrificing valuable speech cues.
Documenting and understanding the benefits of digital noise reduction has challenged the hearing aid
industry for years. This new body of data surrounding SpeechTrax and the Axio ST family of hearing aids
helps to establish clinical expectations for modern digital noise reduction. By ensuring the integrity of speech,
while documenting patient preferences and benefits, SpeechTrax represents the paradigm of an evidence based

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