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Hearing Protection

Hearing loss can result directly from an occupation, career path, a recreational activity or simply exposure to loud sounds or acoustic environments with excessive decibel levels. Our hearing protection and hearing enhancement products are the first step in effective hearing protection and ear protection program.

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The Latest Advancement in Hearing Protection

If you are hunting, military or police officer, working on a factory floor, athlete, hearing clearly is a key to safety, communication and overall peak performance. The need to protect hearing from the noise of a gun shot muzzle blast or loud industrial machines creates unique noise  challenges.

High Definition Sound Enhancement.
Automatic Noise Suppression.

100% digital SoundGear is now available in three form factors — In-the-Canal, Custom or BTE — making it ideal for athletes, hunters, security & law enforcement officers, military personnel, outdoor enthusiasts or anyone who works with loud sounds environments; such as industrial machinery.

SoundGear features advanced digital technology capable of enhancing sound 8X over traditional hearing protection products and uses seamless sound activated compression to trigger instant and automatic suppression of any noise over 93 dB for shooters and 80 dB for industrial use. All of this performance is packed into the smallest device on the market.

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Military hearing protection device for shooting hunting gunshots artillery fire combat filtered earplug canalhearing ear protection custom ear molded bte ear mold

Hearing Protection Equipment | Amazon.com | Safety & Security

Depending on your career, industry and individual situation; always do your best to take full safety into consideration beyond your ears. Amazon’s online store has many great choices to choose from. You can look at just a few of the amazon offerings online. (click here)

Safety Ear Muffs, Ear Protection Accessories, Ear Protection, etc….

Hearing Protection, Shooting Glasses, Hearing Devices

Digital hearing protection and enhancement; Bluetooth connectivity lets you listen to music; Retractable ear buds for a perfect fit; many of these types of devices can be custom fitted and molded to your own unique ear. Custom fitting insures the best protection and comfort while wearing them allowing you to focus on your activity. You can see a range of the custom fitted personal audio devices and custom hearing devices we can assist you with below.


  • custom earbuds & earplugs molded/fitted = Link –> (Click here)
    Custom Fit Earphones does not always mean wireless. There are many who still use wired type devices. Custom earplugs and custom earbuds are available to be fitted to your existing equipment. This will bring added comfort, security, ease of use and overall efficient use.


Our custom molded earbuds bluetooth style fit most major brands of consumer manufacturer.
Custom Wireless Bluetooth Earphones for all walks of life and uses. Whether for the athlete, runner, hiker, watersports, swimmers, active lifestyles, road biking, bicyclist, etc.

* custom molded earbuds kit = Link –> (Click here)
How To Make Custom Silicone Ear Molds for Your In-Ear Monitors; we can show you how easy this really is along with protecting your pocketbook.


newcaster telepromter ear mold custom earpiececep pilot connection Custom ear mold earpieceracing earmold custom fitted earpiece

We also have custom molded wireless earbuds & wired earbuds.
Custom Fitted & Molded Earphones, Earbuds & Headphones for many industries & career paths.

Pilots, Musicians, Concerts & Events, Hunters, Military, Broadcast News, Radio Podcasters and many others. – (Click Here)


The best way to get started is to contact us and let us know a few details about your situation; whether its an existing earplug device, a career or industry associated hearing device; headset etc, or if you are shopping for something new or adaptable.

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