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Patients of Arizona Hearing Aid Center enjoy an overall quality of life improved by allowing them to obtain and maintain the highest quality of hearing care.

Our Arizona Hearing Aid Center Headquarters office offers free professional hearing tests, hearing exams, hearing evaluations and hearing consultations from our; in-office, board certified Audioprosthologist .

Lesa Gaudreau, BC-HIS, ACA, Audioprosthologist

Lesa has been licensed by the state of Arizona since 1990 and is Arizona Board Certified.  As an Audioprosthologist, Lesa excels in her field in hearing aid programming and customizing of hearing aid devices for each unique individual.

At the top of her field, Lesa has been asked to facilitate the annual  Board Certification exams & licensing exams. Lesa is a current member of Hearing Health Care Providers of Arizona and International Hearing Society as well as other organizations in the hearing health care field.  Lesa maintains the highest level of education with knowledge of today’s most cutting edge technology in hearing aids, hearing aid devices and associative hearing care technologies.

Lesa excels at helping the needs of the hearing impaired. Tinnitus afflicted patients through her dedication and skill above all others in her field  has allowed many with tinnitus afflictions to minimize or overcome their hearing difficulties.

While many just simply sell and casually place a hearing aid, Lesa understands the intricate details of the human ear anatomy; this allows her to give her patients a higher degree of hearing aid comfort, quality fit and achieve greater results than almost any other practitioner working with hearing aid devices.

Lesa’s… “ear side manner”… is truly exceptional. Lesa’s focus on the individual patient is quite unique in today’s fast paced world and insensitive societal tones.

After your free hearing test and evaluation by Lesa you will be convinced you are dealing with a highly educated professional who cares about your hearing well being.

…..”We provide a hearing aid solution that comfortably fits your individual need, budget and your ear.
Remember, it isn’t a shame to have hearing loss…. advances in today’s technology leaves no excuses for not taking care of it now….we will help”.

…”The thanks we get from our patients after they have re-gained their hearing is always a pleasure. So many individuals forget the quality of life proper hearing affords”….

Arizona Hearing Center Scottsdale Office EntranceOffice Lobby Arizona Hearing Aid Center Scottsdale

The staff at Scottsdale’s Arizona Hearing Aid Center is friendly and a delight to interact with. The front office and hearing care center interior is a welcome sight to sore ears.

Quench your thirst upon your visit with quality bottled water, quality interior environment and quality ear care. You will be delighted with your choice in Lesa’s hearing care center practice to assist in your hearing health.

Pull those hearing aids out of your drawer and bring them in to let our hearing aid repair staff revive them. Some hearing aid repair problems are as simple as getting the proper hearing aid battery replacement.

We have hearing aid battery replacements on site at the office.

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