The Widex sound

All hearing aid users want to hear the best possible sound. Achieving this is the goal of any hearing aid manufacturer. But what makes Widex different is our broad-based approach to getting the most natural sound possible out of all the hearing aids we develop.

It’s all about the sound

We do this by focusing on technology that helps you not just to hear speech or loud sounds – but all the sounds in the real world clearly. Being able to hear speech and conversation is of course essential, but in order to obtain a real-world listening experience, you need hearing aids that can help you hear the full spectrum of sounds.

All Widex hearing aids are designed so that subtle soft sounds are amplified enough to be heard while loud sounds are heard but do not sound uncomfortable.

In other words, a real-world listening experience.

This forms the basis for what we call the Widex Sound.

Author: Lesa

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