6- Why treat hearing loss?

 Why treat hearing loss?

Our hearing is the key to actively participating in the world around untreated hearing loss can have a huge impact on our lives.

When hearing loss occurs, reactions to the situation vary. Living with an unaddressed hearing loss can often lead to social isolation, we feel tired just trying to live our everyday day lives in the same way we once did when we could hear. Sometimes a loss of hearing can affect us both mentally and physically, if we isolate ourselves it could lead us to missing out on our activities and our interactions with our friends and family, we may feel lonely and left out.

It is important to break this negative cycle and get your hearing assessed if you recognise this pattern.

The earlier you begin to address your hearing loss, the better the chance of being able to retain many of the recognised ´sound pictures´ that our brain learns and stores from birth that help us quickly ‘get the picture’ of a situation.

Author: Lesa

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