1- Why is Hearing Important

Why is Hearing Important

Hearing empowers us and enriches our lives. Hearing enables us to socialize, work, interact, communicate and even relax. Good hearing also helps to keep us safe, warning us of potential danger or alerting us to someone’s distress.

Hearing is essential for us to be able to live and participate in life more fully. Problems with our hearing may lead to feelings of isolation and even depression. Our hearing provides us with an enormous source of information, some of it obvious and some we barely notice but when combined, this information forms the bridge between the world and how we interact with it.

Hearing helps us lead our everyday lives without limitations.

Everyday situations that can be affected by hearing loss:

At work

  • Participating in group meetings
  • Talking on the telephone
  • Following a conversation in a busy office
At social occasions

  • Chatting to friends
  • Participating in dinner conversation at a restaurant
  • Interacting with grandchildren
  • Talking on the telephone
  • Watching TV together with others
Hearing is also necessary for our own safety

  • When walking near busy roads
  • To be able to hear sounds that alert us to danger like sirens and other traffic signals
  • So we can be alert to a cry for help
.. and is important when we learn

  • Allowing us to maintain a high level of concentration with little effort
  • So we are able to communicate with instructors
  • So we are able to register information accurately

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