Starkey Livio AI Hearing Aids

The Starkey Livio AI is the world’s first smart hearing aid with integrated sensors and artificial intelligence

Livio AI is a revolutionary innovative hearing aid, multi-purpose device that provides superior sound quality, and the ability for users to accurately track their physical, mental and cognitive health.

Livio Hearing Aid 3d Illustration Artificial Intelligence Starkey Device

The Thrive Hearing Aid Control mobile app: enhancing patient health and wellness.

Take a proactive approach to overall wellness. Thanks to inertial sensors that detect movement, activity and gestures, hearing aid users can view and track fitness activities with the Thrive Hearing Aid Control app.

Livio AI Hearing Aid Cell Phone App iPhone Mobile App


Universal Bluetooth connectivity with patient-focused accessories

New bluetooth hearing aid accessories are easy to pair and use, and provide supreme sound quality for hearing aid users looking to stream audio from a variety of sources, or control memory and volume on their hearing aids.


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Livio AI Features

  • 2.4 GHz and NFMI dual-radio system for wireless streaming and true ear-to-ear communication
  • Healthable® hearing technology with integrated inertial sensors
  • Natural User Interface: Tap Control
  • Thrive Hearing Control app with cloud connectivity
  • Thrive Wellness Score
  • Spatial Speech Enhancement
  • 2.4 GHz wireless accessory compatible
  • Rocker switch user control
  • Angled Snapfit Smart Receivers including NEW 107/40 Matrix (RIC)
  • 130/70 Matrix and Telecoil (BTE)

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