The SeboTek family of products offers a variety of models and features designed to suit your unique lifestyle and hearing needs.

And because of the unique, modular design of the PAC, you can try the instrument immediately and judge its performance for yourself with no obligation.

800 Series

SeboTek PAC 800 Series

The mini-computer inside the SeboTek PAC 800 Series is capable of both monitoring your environment to maximize amplification of voices, while at the same time, reducing distracting background noise. With exceptional features such as Whistle-Stop Feedback Cancellation™, Advanced Directional Microphone Sytem and Voice Priority Adaptive Noise Reduction™, the 800 Series excels in maximizing your comfort and hearing ability in noisy environments.

700 Series

SeboTek PAC 700 Series

The 700 series sound processors are extremely small and light-weight yet fully loaded with a host of premium features. Equipped with high fidelity dual microphones, the 700 series instrument is able to be switched into a focused directional mode to help reduce background noise and make communication easier and more comfortable.

400 and 500 Series

SeboTek PAC 400 & 500 Series

The 400 and 500 series sound processors have a reputation for being the best sounding instrument in their class. Programmable Voice Enhancement Software is used by your hearing care professional to fine tune the instrument to your specific needs and comfort. These high fidelity sound processors are an affordable hearing solution with superior sound quality and performance.

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