Sound Imaging

Optimal high-resolution sound imaging with frequency shaping in all 16 channels and 16 bands


• So fast and smart it reduces noise between syllables of speech
• Two-part algorithm uses dynamic voice identification, coupled with a spectral noise control that calculates appropriate gain on a per channel basis
• Reduces listening effort and mental fatigue
• Active at positive signal-to-noise ratios
• Provides unprecedented sound quality, ease of listening,
and intelligibility of speech in noise

Adaptive Environmental Sequencing
• Premium 16-channel environmental adaptation with 5 levels of personalization
• Acoustic Landscape includes: Machine Noise, Speech in Noise, Wind and Quiet
Strategic Feedback Control
• Provides best-in-class feedback cancellation
• When fit open, HearLens IIC has the widest fitting range and usable high-frequency bandwidth of any open fit instrument in its class
MT Connect™
MicroTech’s leading On Demand options bring the benefits of telehealth to your practice. Designed to elevate your interaction with patients, each one provides an entirely new way for you to provide and deliver care.

T2 On Demand
Allows you to make common, standard adjustments to patients’ hearing aids over the phone
Audiology On Demand™
Provides on-call access to an audiologist who can remotely operate your fitting computer, offer suggestions and guidance, and ensure a successful fitting
T2 Remote
Adjustment for volume and memory via any cell or touch-tone telephone
Live 3D Speech Mapping
• Allows hearing professional to verify how the hearing aid processes speech, or any live acoustic input, in real time
• 3D display engages patient and family in fitting process
Offers hearing professionals the option of programming audible voice or tone reminders for follow-up appointments and maintenance checks
Leisure Listening Memories
• TV memory program designed for optimal performance while watching television
• Multiple music genre settings designed to maximize sound quality and listening enjoyment

Voice Indicators
Alerts patients to the status of their hearing aid, low battery, memory and telephone modes in their choice of male or female voices in a wide variety of languages

Tonal Indicators
Unique tones for memory, low battery, etc.
Auto Path
• Automatic fitting routine
• Provides an accurate and efficient first fit
Verify Comfort
In-Situ Audiometry
Data Logging

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