Custom Molded Wireless & Wired Earbuds

Custom fitted & molded wireless earbuds, earplugs and ear monitors are all becoming more common in our daily use. Many time these types of wearable technology hearing devices are utilized in a wireless bluetooth form.

Many “off the shelf” retail devices utilize this form of wireless wearable technology.

You can see some of the many different custom molded earplugs and earbuds that can be custom fitted unique to your ears here on our primary page of custom molded bluetooth earphones & earbuds (click here)


Here are some more industry & career specific and a few types that are a bit more technical in nature.

newcaster telepromter ear mold custom earpiece

Newscaster/Teleprompter Ear Mold

The skeleton style earmold is used extensively by broadcast professionals, reporters and numerous law enforcement agencies. A canal style is also available. A vent is standard with a curly tube over-the-ear and a female adaptor.



pilot headset ear mold with boom custom earphonePilot Headset Ear Mold w/Boom

A thick shell or receiver style designed to accommodate a boom to support the boom mic attachment of the headset. Professional pilots have several choices in headset communications. Some of the most popular are the Telex 5 x 5 Pro III, Plantronics MS-30, MS-50, MS-57 and 5 x 5 Mark IIA. There are two different styles of booms available: A receiver style earpiece with a snap-on boom and a thick shell style earmold with a screw-set adaptor for the boom.

cep pilot connection Custom ear mold earpiece


CEP Connection Ear Mold

The CEP earmold is a custom style canal earmold designed to fit the screw set of the CEP pilot connection. Standard material is Ultraflex vinyl for durability.


anesthesiologist ear mold-custom earpiece medical earmoldAnesthesiologist Ear Mold

A receiver style earmold that allows a metal snap-on adaptor to fit 1/8 inch size tubing for hooking up to equipment in noisy medical environments. It comes standard with a 42-inch length of tubing.



racing earmold custom fitted earpiece

Racing Receiver Ear Mold

Racing molds are used by amateur and professional drivers who demand quality one-way listening communication. The custom design allows maximum comfort and durability and provides excellent sound suppression underneath any racing helmet. Available in full shell and half shell styles and are standard with 18 inch cord length on a mono 1/8 inch jack plug. Stereo jack plugs are also available upon request.

test custom earmold hearing hecks ite itc cic ric

Test Mold

A shell of skeleton style earmold with a tubing attachment for listening to ITE/ITC/CIC/RIC style and BTE hearing aids for listen check.



stent custom earmold holds ear canal open

Stent Custom Ear Mold

A hollowed shell of canal style earmold to hold the ear canal open.




Earplug Earmolds

  • Solid Earplugs
  • Swim Plugs
  • Musician Mini Filter Earplugs
  • Musician Earplugs
  • Sleeping Earplug

Specialty Earmolds

  • Newscaster
  • Bluetooth Mold
  • Telephone Headset
  • Earphone/iPod Mold
  • Racing Receiver
  • HA Listening Test Mold
  • Pilot Headset with Boom
  • Anesthesiologist Mold

Thin Tube Earmolds

  • CIC
  • Shell
  • Half Shell
  • Canal
  • Canal Open
  • Canal Lock
  • Canal Lock Open
  • Skeleton
  • Helix

Standard Earmolds

  • CIC
  • Shell
  • Half Shell
  • Canal
  • Canal Lock
  • Skeleton

RIC Earmolds

  • Canal Hollow
  • Canal Solid
  • Canal Lock
  • Skeleton
  • Helix

The best way to get started is to contact us and let us know a few details about your situation; whether its an existing earplug device, a career or industry associated hearing device; headset etc, or if you are shopping for something new or adaptable.

Contact Us: 602-492-9235 or use the online form -> (Click here)

Author: Lesa

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