Custom Molded Earbuds Kit

One of the most advanced custom molded earbud kits is available now with the latest advances in wearable wireless bluetooth technology and also a wearable fitness device.

The latest custom molded earbud kit has many extensive technological advances built-in, including; fitness tracker, language translation and much more. You can visit our main page on this… (Click here)

Bragi Ear kit wearable fitness earplug

Custom molded earbud kits are also available to be custom fitted to your existing earbuds, earplugs, earphones and similar personal audio devices; no matter whether it is wired or wireless. Personal audio custom earbuds. -> (Click here)

Tunz custom audio monitor headphones

You can visit a special page here with many of those custom molds to fit major brands of earplugs, earpieces, boom headsets and more. -> (Click here)

ipod mp3 earbud custom earmoldmusicians earplugs custom

The best way to get started is to contact us and let us know a few details about your situation; whether its an existing earplug device, a career or industry associated hearing device; headset etc, or if you are shopping for something new or adaptable.

Contact Us: 602-492-9235 or use the online form -> (Click here)

Author: Lesa

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