Custom Earbuds & Custom Earplugs

Custom Earbuds, Custom Earplugs & Earphones

The recognized expert in custom hearing instruments; Starkey Hearing Technologies integrates the same breakthrough manufacturing and technology innovation in customized earplug solutions. The result is the best custom fit and noise attenuation for customers, consumers & patients.

Custom Earbud Molds – Personal Audio
Custom made earmolds to fit most standard-sized earbuds, earbud style
monitors and most popular Bluetooth® devices. You can visit our personal audio page to view more. -> (Click here)

personal audio bluetooth Earphone earplug earmold

Mini Filtered Earplug
Also known as a Musician or Industrial earplugs, these custom fit earplugs
attenuate across all frequencies rather than just low- and mid-range frequencies, making music sound much clearer and natural. Musician and Industrial earplugs are available with multiple filter options.

Musician earplug earmoldnam earplug earmold

Sleeping Earplug
Custom earplugs made of soft material that fit comfortably in the ear to reduce ambient noise while sleeping.

sleeping earplug earmold

Solid Earplug
Custom-fit earplugs that provide outstanding noise protection for a variety of recreational and occupational environments.

solid earplug earmold

High-Frequency Noise Filter
Also known as Hocks Noise Breakers, these custom earplugs contain a patented acoustical chamber and filter to attenuate sound to appropriate levels.

hocks earplugs earmolds high frequency noise filter

Floatable Swim Plug
Custom-fit earplugs that seal out water. Floatable if dropped in the water.

swimming earplug earmold

The best way to get started is to contact us and lets us know a few details about your situation; whether its an existing earplug device, a career or industry associated hearing device; headset etc, or if you are shopping for something new or adaptable.

Contact Us: 602-492-9235 or use the online form ->(Click here)

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